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Top 13 Scariest Children's Drawings Ever

Top 13 Scariest Children's Drawings Ever

Children have the most vivid imaginations. They also can sense things that adults tend to not be able to see or feel. While on the outside children may seem to be "innocent" and "pure," some of their drawings may tell another story. We've created for you a group of 13 creepy children's drawings that cover everything from alien imaginary friends, to murder and suicide. It just shows that not all children's drawings are of sunshine and flowers. 

13. The Eye


Better watch out ... this one has it's eye on you! 

12. Alien

This little one seems to have an evil alien as her best friend ... interesting. 

11. Devil Monster 


Written in Finnish, the text of this drawing says: "He lives inside you. You surrender to him with pleasure. He is satan. But that is wrong." Wow, seems like this kid has a lot on his mind. 

10. Dark Monsters


A 4-year-old drew this for her mom and said it's the monster that's always following her around that she cannot see. 

9. Dead Mom?

Not sure if the mom is actually dead, or it's a fantasy of the child - being happy and dancing with her dad on her mother's grave ... either way, it's definitely creepy. 

8. Zombie Boy

More imaginative than creepy. This boy says that 100 years from now he'll be busting out of his grave ... maybe as the undead, maybe not ... who knows. 

7. Specter

Seems like it's pretty typical for children to see evil spirits following them and their parents around. In this case, the child is celebrating the fact that the demon didn't follow him and his parents around that day. 

6. Mortality

More than anything it seems like this kid is very aware of his parent's mortality. Although it was a bit jarring for the parent to receive from their 11 year old child. In some way it's almost funny. 

5. Murderous Older Sibling


Seems like this child is a bit sick and tired of their younger sibling ... and wants Tiny to sleep forever. 

4. Nightmare

Seems like this child may have seen a few to many horror movies and now has nightmares about being cut - up in her sleep. 

3. Get out of my Life!


This was left for a babysitter named Valerie by one of the children she watches who doesn't care for her very much. I suppose Valerie better watch her back. 

2. Patricide  

After getting into a fight with her father, a 6 year old drew this ... clearly she didn't like the way the fight ended. 

1. Suicide + Murder


Definitely one of the creepiest of all. This kid really has a vivid imagination - he or she might just have a career in horror films. 

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