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Watch an Adorable, 106-Year-Old Woman Dance with Barack and Michelle in the White House

obama dance.jpeg

Washington DC resident Virginia McLaurin had a lifelong dream of visiting the White House. Last week, at the impressive age of 106, her dream finally came true. Lucky for us, it was caught on camera! Watch Virginia's sheer delight as she meets the president and first lady:

Virginia was invited to the White House for the Black History Month reception and given the opportunity to meet the Obamas privately beforehand.

Believe it or not, Ms. McLaurin has offered her services as a volunteer in the DC area for 20 years, serving about 40 hours each week! Specifically, she is a Senior Corps volunteer at Roots Public Charter School and C. Melvin Sharpe Health School, where she mentors, cares for, and tutors special-needs students as a foster grandparent. 

As Virginia carries on serving her community into her 100s, her dedication continues to inspire and uplift people everywhere. 

What a beautiful example of modern generosity and a life well spent! 

Author: Nate Morgan

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